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Meet Yourself
  • Slice of life
  • Romance
  • Drama
Screenplay byShui Qianmo (水阡墨)
Wang Xiongcheng (王雄成)
Directed byDing Ziguang (丁梓光)
StarringLiu Yifei
Li Xian
Hu Bingqing
Country of originMainland China
Original languageMandarin Chinese
No. of episodes40
Production locationsDali Beijing
Production companyHuace Pictures
Original networkHunan TV
Mango TV
Original releaseJanuary 3, 2023

Meet Yourself (Chinese: 去有风的地方; pinyin: Qù yǒu fēng dì dìfāng) is a 2023 Chinese television drama series directed by Ding Zi Guang and starring Liu Yifei, Li Xian. It premiered on Hunan TV on January 3, 2023.[1][2][3]

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Xu Hongdou, a white-collared employee nearing her mid 30s, faced a major obstacle in life when her best friend unexpectedly fell ill with cancer and passed away. Distraught and unable to tát come to tát terms with her friend's death, Xu eventually found it tormenting to tát continue her working life in the đô thị. She decided to tát quit her job and take a long break in a fictional rural village, Yun Miao, situated in Dali, Yunnan Province, Mainland Trung Quốc, a đô thị her best friend had longed to tát visit with her. She subconsciously begins her journey to tát discover the meaning and way of life.[4][5][6]



  • Liu Yifei as Xu Hongdou (许红豆)[7][8][9]
    • Former front office manager of a five-star khách sạn. She is stubborn in her bones, she does not want to tát admit defeat, and does not want to tát show her vulnerable side to tát others. Serious and responsible at work, kind and enthusiastic, able to tát bend and stretch. Outside of work, she is ruthless towards people, not easy to tát provoke and not tactful, lượt thích a lion cub rampaging in the đô thị.
  • Li Xian as Xie Zhiyao (谢之遥)[10]
    • The behind-the-scenes quấn of Dali Town, with a master's degree in economics, was once an investment manager of a venture capital company in Beijing. Smart, handsome, and assertive, he has always been a leader among his peers. Warm and kind-hearted in heart, emphasizing feelings, but on the surface, he is a bit of a naughty little ruffian. He likes to tát live a casual and không tính phí life. He doesn't want to tát be a typical elite in the đô thị. He is more willing to tát walk in the alleys of his hometown in flip flops. He wants to tát build his hometown and provide job opportunities for the villagers. He is a person with a bit of idealism.


  • Hu Bing Qing as Lin Na (林娜)
    • Small town barista. One of the residents of Youfeng Xiaoyuan B&B seems to tát be an ordinary long-term tourist who works part-time as a small town cafe dispatcher, but she is actually a singer who sings well. He was accidentally recognized by passers-by at a buổi tiệc ngọt, which aroused the suspicion of his friends. After "escaping reality" during this period of seclusion, Nana also realized that she should get out of the negative harm caused by cyberbullying. Also because of the enthusiasm of the partners in Youfeng Xiaoyuan and her reluctance to tát Dali, Nana resolutely chose to tát start a new business in the small town.
  • Tu Songyan as Ma Qiushan (马丘山)
    • Small courtyard meditator. One of the residents of Youfeng Xiaoyuan B&B, he meditates in the courtyard every day, besides meditating, he just drinks tea. However, this kind of life is actually an experience for him. It seems that Xie Zhiyao randomly intervened in Machushan's business regardless of his own business, but in fact the two had years of entanglement that was unknown to tát everyone. Machushan needs to tát find a new way out in the chaotic thinking and challenging reality.
  • Niu Junfeng as Hu Youyu (胡有鱼)
    • A musician, works as a resident singer in a bar in Dali, plays the acoustic guitar, and likes folk songs. Everyone calls him "Old Hu". He has lived in "Youfeng Xiaoyuan" for a year. He is a passionate and humorous inspiration seeker. As a resident of Youfeng Courtyard, he is often misunderstood by the residents of the Courtyard because of his enthusiastic personality, but after getting along with him, everyone realized that he is actually a very righteous and gentlemanly person .
  • Wu Yanshu as Granny Xie (谢阿奶)
    • A native of Yunmiao Village, Xie Zhiyao and Xie Zhiyuan's grandma. A wise old lady who is optimistic about life and always brings warmth to tát the young people around her. She lived in the village all her life and was kind. Sometimes the aura is overwhelming, and "force" will be used directly.
  • Dong Qing as Xie Xiaochun (谢晓春)
    • A native of Yunmiao Village, Xie Xiaoxia’s elder sister, because her father passed away early and her mother was honest, she gave people the impression of being aggressive and powerful, but she was actually a bluff and didn’t want to tát be bullied. She got married a year after graduating from university, and now she is divorced with a three-year-old daughter. After Xie Zhiyao returned to tát her hometown to tát start a business, she also came back to tát help manage Youfeng Coffee, Youfeng Courtyard, e-commerce and external affairs.
  • Fan Shuaiqi as Huang Xinxin (黄欣欣)
    • The director of the Yunmiao Village Committee has become a village official after graduating from university. He has ideas and passion in his heart, and he is inspired to tát help the villagers get rich. She is simple and not so sánh materialistic in her heart, and her soul is interesting and persistent. She is a clear stream among young people. As a young director of the village committee, she worked tirelessly to tát visit every household to tát understand the living conditions of the local people. She took a serious and responsible attitude towards her work and was regarded as a "beautiful college student village official" in everyone's eyes.
  • Ma Wengwei as Zhou Qingtian (周晴天)
    • Translucent Internet writer, pen name "Barley Tea", is a tenant of Youfeng Courtyard, with a sensitive personality, a senior house girl who doesn't lượt thích to tát socialize, and has lived in "Youfeng Courtyard" for three months. In order to tát escape the pressure from her family, she came to tát live in Youfeng Courtyard, where she made friends with Nana, Hongdou and other girlfriends. With their help, her personality gradually became cheerful, and she strengthened her love for writing. Later, encouraged by the people in the yard, I overcame the hurdle in my heart, and my writing went smoothly.
  • Zhao Ziqi as Bai Manjun (白蔓君)
    • A divorced full-time housewife with a bold personality, she has lost the right to tát choose in her life since she became pregnant. She originally thought that marrying love would keep her happy, so sánh she became a housewife with peace of mind, but in the over, she experienced betrayal and deception but divorced. Her biggest hobby is listening to tát music to tát relieve her boredom. As a new tenant in the small courtyard, the way Bai Manjun and Hu Youyu met was not accidental. The two resonated and intersected because of the music, and they always had endless topics to tát talk about.
  • Shi Peng Yuan as Xie Xiao Xia (谢晓夏)
    • A native of Yunmiao Village, Xie Xiaochun's younger brother, he is warm and kind, and works quickly. My father died early, and I was afraid of poverty when I was a child. After graduating from high school, I failed to tát go to tát university. I learned woodcarving from my uncle, and worked as a craftsman in Xie Zhiyao's e-commerce.


  • Gong Beibi as Xu Hongmi (许红米)
  • Janice Wu as Chen Nanxing
  • Joseph Zeng as Zhang Ming Yu


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