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  • This is NOT a YouTube, Facebook or Twitch report. These sites MUST be reported by clicking their respective links.
  • I read and understand the policy about what is a valid filter issue.
  • I verified that this issue is not a duplicate. (Search here vĩ đại find out.)
  • I did not remove any of the mặc định filter lists, or I have verified that the issue was not caused by removing any of the mặc định lists.
  • I did not enable additional filter lists, or I have verified that the issue still occurs without enabling additional filter lists.
  • I bởi not have custom filters/rules, or I have verified that the issue still occurs without custom filters/rules.
  • I am not using uBlock Origin along with other nội dung blockers.
  • I have verified that the trang web browser's built-in blocker or DNS blocking (standalone or through a VPN) is not causing the issue.
  • I have verified that other extensions are not causing the issue.
  • If this is about a breakage or detection, I have verified that it is caused by uBlock Origin and isn't a site issue.
  • I did not answer truthfully vĩ đại ALL the above checkboxes.

URL(s) where the issue occurs.


Cannot login in

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Other extensions used





uBlock Origin: 1.56.0
Firefox: 123
filterset (summary):
 network: 471570
 cosmetic: 248522
 scriptlet: 49714
 html: 2036
listset (total-discarded, last-updated):
 added: 77-0, 10h.49m 17083-17, 5d.3m 24825-7, 5d.3m 35623-3, 5d.3m 6483-1, 5d.3m 83238-25465, 5d.3m 61-0, 5d.3m 2587-1, 10h.49m
  adguard-generic: 79944-10245, 1m
  adguard-mobile: 9116-143, 2m
  adguard-spyware-url: 1463-222, 2m
  adguard-spyware: 111833-54083, now
  [17 lists not shown]: [too many]
  user-filters: 0-0, never
  ublock-filters: 37579-485, 3h.23m Δ
  ublock-badware: 8015-14, 3h.23m Δ
  ublock-privacy: 740-50, 3h.23m Δ
  ublock-unbreak: 2268-3, 3h.23m Δ
  ublock-quick-fixes: 121-1, 3h.23m Δ
  easylist: 81680-1118, 3h.23m Δ
  easyprivacy: 50264-10648, 3h.23m Δ
  urlhaus-1: 9095-0, 6h.23m
  plowe-0: 3782-16, 5d.6m
  VIE-1: 1814-0, 6h.24m
filterset (user): [empty]
 advancedUserEnabled: true
 contextMenuEnabled: false
 showIconBadge: false
 tooltipsDisabled: true
 cnameUncloakProxied: true
 allReadyAfter: 979 ms (selfie)
 maxAssetCacheWait: 536 ms
 cacheBackend: indexedDB