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KinnPorsche (Thai: คินน์พอร์ช เดอะ ซีรีส์; RTGS: khin phoch [the series]) is a Thai action romance mafia-themed BL drama based on a trang web novel of the same name by writer duo Daemi. Starring Mile Phakphum Romsaithong as Kinn and Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat as Porsche.

Directed by Kongkiat Komensiri, Krisda Witthayakhajorndet, and Banchorn Vorasataree. It premiered on One 31 on April 2, 2022, airing every Saturday at 23:00 ICT and its uncut version at 24:00 ICT on iQIYI.

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Plot (Non-Spoilers)[]

The series follows Porsche, desperate đồ sộ make money and take care of his younger brother, as he finds himself drawn into the mafia underworld by Kinn.

Synopsis (Spoilers)[]

Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun, the second son and de facto heir of the Theerapanyakun crime family, is attacked on his way home page from making a business giảm giá. While running for his life, he stumbles across Porsche Pachara Kittisawat, a local bartender and underground fighter. Kinn pays Porsche đồ sộ protect him from the men trying đồ sộ kill him. Impressed by Porsche's fighting abilities, Kinn tracks him down đồ sộ offer him a job.

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In order đồ sộ make enough money đồ sộ send his younger brother Porschay đồ sộ university, and đồ sộ keep the house that had belonged đồ sộ their late parents, Porsche reluctantly agrees đồ sộ become Kinn's full-time bodyguard. Over the next few months, he improves his fighting skills and learns about the dark underworld he now belongs đồ sộ... and begins đồ sộ fall in love with his charismatic quấn.

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Even though Kinn is unashamedly gay, the path ahead isn't easy for the two lovers. The minor branch of the family, ruled by Kinn's uncle, is desperate đồ sộ take control. His father is in poor health, his older brother is a PTSD-stricken mess, his younger brother is a rising rock star. And things aren't as they seem - is Porsche just a random guy off the streets, or is the mystery of his parents' untimely death somehow tied đồ sộ the Theerapanyakun family?


Main family[]

  • Korn Theerapanyakul played by Kob Songsit Roongnophakunsri. Head of the main family, Kinn's father.
    • Thankhun Theerapanyakul, played by Tong Thanayut Thakoonauttaya. Oldest son of Korn and the older brother of Kinn and Kim.
    • Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakul played by Mile Phakphum Romsaithong. The second son and de facto heir đồ sộ the Theerapanyakin crime famuly's main branch.
    • Kim Theerapanyakul also known by his stage name Wik, played by Jeff Satur. Kim is the youngest son of Korn and the younger brother of Tankhun and Kinn.

Minor family[]

  • Gun Theerapanyakul played by Ex Piya Vimuktayon
    • Vegas Theerapanyakul played by Bible Wichapas Sumettikul as the eldest son and de facto heir of the Theeparanyakul minor branch.
    • Macau Theerapanyakul played by Ta Nannakun Pakapatpornpob, the second and youngest son of the secondary family.

Kittisawasd family[]

  • Namphueng Kittisawasd played by Sarucha Phongsongkul. Porshe and Chay's mom.
  • Pat Kittisawasd played by Pong Kittichote Musikabhumma. Porshe and Chay's dad.
  • Porsche Pitchaya Kittisawasd played by Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat. A college student working part-time as a bartender. Later becomes Kinn's head bodyguard.
    • Young Porsche played by Pasin Cahanding.
  • Porchay Kittisawasd played by Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn. Porsche's younger brother who is in high school, trying đồ sộ get into a prestigious music program at university and a big người hâm mộ of the artist Wik.
    • Young Porchay played by Dorothy Prawattchanayotin .



  • Big played by Nodt Nutthasid Panyangarm. Kinn's bodyguard and head bodyguard under Porsche.
  • Ken played by Perth Stewart Nakhuntanagarn Screaigh. Kinn's bodyguard.


  • Pete played by Build Jakapan Putta, Tankhun's head bodyguard and Porsche's roommate at the Theerapanyakun bodyguard compound.
  • Arm played by Bas Asavapatr Ponpiboon, Tankhun's bodyguard under Pete, known for his knowledge in tech.
  • Pol played by Job Yosatorn Konglikit, Tankhun's bodyguard under Pete.


  • Chan played by Peter Knight. Mainly seen by Korn's side, also helps with the training of the newcomers.
  • Numerous unnamed bodyguards.

People around Porsche[]

  • Jom played by Ping Touchchavit Kulkranchang, Porsche's friend.
  • Tem played by Pong Pongsakorn Ponsantigul, Porsche's friend.
  • Arthee played by Gap Thanavate Siriwattanagul, Porsche and Porchay's uncle with a gambling addiction.
  • Yok played by Sprite Patteerat Laemluang, the owner of the bar Porsche where works part-time.

People around Kinn[]

  • Tay played by Us Nititorn Akkarachotsopona, Kinn's friend who is in a relationship with Time.
  • Time played by JJ Chalach Tantijibul, Kinn's friend who is in a relationship with Tay.
  • Unnamed "guest" played by Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp.


  • Tawan played by Na Naphat Vikairungroj. Kinn's ex-boyfriend during his university days, according đồ sộ Vegas, sometime before the series takes place he was shot by Kinn.
  • Unnamed woman played by Nujnoh Nujthanicha Rojjanajarunun. Had a sexual encounter with Porsche.
  • Unnamed woman played by Paan Prinyashuth Akaraseth. Almost had a sexual encounter with Porsche.
  • Unnamed female assassin played by Noolek Thithinan Sanla. She was hired đồ sộ kill Kinn.
  • Unnamed maid played by Nichapa Phornchaimeteekul.
  • Unnamed friend of Kinn played by Ole Thanakorn Sangwan.
  • Unnamed student at Chay's school played by Mon Varakorn Waruncharoentham.
  • Unnamed student at Chay's school played by May Naarpa Navawutcharakul.
  • Unnamed friend of Chay played by Mine Kampon Tulyakorndolpak.
  • Unnamed friend of Chay played by Link Thanawee Phongphasawat.
  • Unnamed druglord played by Banlop Lomnoi.


Title Air Date Streaming
La Forte TV Version
Episode 1 2 April 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 2 9 April 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Special Episode (iQIYI only)[note 1] 16 April 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)
Episode 3 23 April 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 4 30 April 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 5 7 May 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 6 14 May 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Side Story 19 May 2022  IQIYI Icon  (Free)  YouTube Icon  -
Episode 7 21 May 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 8 28 May 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (Free)
Episode 9 4 June 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)
Episode 10 11 June 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)
Episode 11 18 June 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon 
Episode 12 25 June 2022  IQIYI Icon  (VIP)  IQIYI Icon 
Episode 13 2 July 2022  IQIYI Icon   IQIYI Icon 
Episode 14 9 July 2022  IQIYI Icon   IQIYI Icon 


  1. TV broadcast suspended for Songkran


  1. เพียงไว้ใจ by Slot Machine
  2. Free Fall by Slot Machine
  3. แค่เธอ (Why Don't You Stay) by Jeff Satur
  4. Japanese Dawn by Daniel Kaede
  5. Highway by Jeff Satur
  6. April in Detroit by David Celeste
  7. เพลงนี้ชื่อว่าเธอ (I'll name this tuy nhiên after you) by Barcode Tinnasit
  8. ย้อนแย้ง (Contradiction) by เอก Season Five
  9. Little House on the Hill by Francis Wells
  10. A Sky Sparkling by Johannes Bornlöf



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