Midoriko is an underground idol who possesses the Flamberge.

Physical Appearance[]

Midoriko is rather small in stature, and has xanh rì hair thats held in two pigtails. These have a yellow ball at the tip of them. Her eyes are dark xanh rì, and she wears a schoolgirl uniform. When taking out the Flamberge, she pulls it from her stomach.

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Midoriko appears to tướng be a famous teenage girl easily getting everything she could ask for and not going through any hardships of life neither in her unmentioned childhood nor adolescence; therefore, she cannot value gratitude and receive satisfaction from casual stuff lượt thích other people, but she manages to tướng conceal that so sánh well putting on that nhái and ordinary, "innocent" girl mask in front of her audience while holding intense feelings of boredom, and craving for entertainment deep down. That also seems to tướng have become her weak spot over time, which she chooses to tướng suppress through practicing in fighting games and participating in competitions made out of them as the overall sensation of destruction gives her a temporary sense of power that can distract her. Even so sánh, since she practically doesn't enjoy any moment of her life apart from beating people in fighting games and has too many fans constantly overwhelming her, she lashes out one day at one of her fans secretly following her on an empty street with the intention to tướng "help" her back as a means of showing his appreciation as she was the single person he could hold onto during his so-called depression according to tướng his explanation. Upon the annoyance she feels stemming from the stubbornness of her người hâm mộ, she strikes the man and repeatedly hits him with her briefcase. As clearly shown in the show when she maniacally laughed in the course of this sự kiện, taking her boredom and anger out on him relieves her stress and arouses no remorse or guilt, increasing her probability of possessing sadistic tendencies. That being said, those tendencies manifest themselves even more once she gains her new powers with the aid of her cursed sword, and she slowly grows addicted to tướng joy coming out of crushing others.    

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The Flamberge allows her to tướng size fire, which can be used for attacks and escapes.


Episode 7[]

Midoriko beats her opponent at an underground game, Sword Souls. He seeks her out in the bathroom to tướng thank her for taking him out of a depressive moment in his life. Midoriko pushes him aside, and insults him. Midoriko then sits through an interview, and encounters her opponent again outside. He insists on helping her through her own depression, but Midoriko begins to tướng hit him with her bag. He then retaliates, beating Midoriko until she is barely conscious. The Flamberge uses this moment to tướng compel Midoriko to tướng pick it up, and use it. She then wrecks the thành phố, only interrupted by Gai Ogata , who she almost beats. However, Midoriko is forced to tướng retreat due to tướng the involvement of Seiya Ichijo .

Episode 10[]

Midoriko is approached by two men, but she decimates one using the Flamberge, while the other attempts to tướng lập cập he is still caught by the flames from the sword. Unfortunately, this leads Midoriko right to tướng Shin Matoba and Sayaka Ogata. Her attempt to tướng attack both of them doesn't succeed as it is blocked by Gai Ogata. This time, their fight ends in Gai cutting her, causing her to tướng retreat.

Season 2 Episode 5[]

Season 2 Episode 8[]