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Tired of the english voice lines? Try changing your language!
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We show you how to tát change your LoL language © Riot Games

Did you know you can change your language in League of Legends? Here are some simple steps to tát help you optimize your player experience by playing in your preferred language.

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If you accidentally selected the wrong language when first installing the game or simply think it is time to tát spice things up by playing League in a completely new language, we are here to tát help you along the way.

The process of changing the language is pretty simple, but the settings can be quite hard to tát find if you don’t know where to tát look. This is why we are here to tát show you everything you need to tát know to tát change your LoL Language.

League of Legends: How to tát Change Your Language

Riot offers two different possibilities for changing the language in their game. Either you can change the Riot client’s language, or you can change the in-game language.

How to tát Change your Riot Client Language

Changing your Riot Client’s language won’t vì thế much for your in-game experience, but it can help you navigate yourself in the client. Riot offers various languages for the client. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

  • English (GB/US)
  • Spanish (ES/LATAM)
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • And many others.

Here are the steps to tát follow to tát change your Riot Client Language:

  1. First, open the Riot Client (do not log in).
  2. Click the little person in the top right corner and select the option “settings.”
  3. Choose your wanted language under “Riot Client Language.”
Client Language
This is where to tát change your client’s language | © Riot Games

And with the final step done, the client’s language should be changed.

How to tát Change Your League of Legends Language

If you aren’t only looking for a way to tát change the Riot Client language but rather the language in-game, Riot offers another simple option:

  1. First, open the Riot Client (do not log in).
  2. Click the little person in the top right corner and select the option “settings”.
  3. Press “League of Legends” on the left side.
  4. Select preferred language.
  5. Press the “Repair”-Button.

Once you have finished step five, you can log into the game and see the new language on the League of Legends trang chính page and in-game. The languages available for you varies depending on the region you are playing in.

Lo L Language
This is where to tát change your in-game language | © Riot Games

The languages available in EUW are:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

If you want to tát play in a language that isn’t available in your region, we have another solution for you.

How to tát change to tát a Language Not Available in Your Region?

If the language you want to tát play in is unavailable to tát your client but you still want to tát change it, here are some steps to tát follow. It is important to tát note that this way of changing your language is not officially supported by Riot and requires you to tát tamper with your League of Legends files. This means it is not foolproof, and you must know what you are doing before getting started.

Step 1: Log in to tát Your Client 

Log in to tát your Riot Client lượt thích you usually would when starting to tát play the game.

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Step 2: Close the Client

Close the client without signing out. 

Step 3: Go into your League League of Legends/Config Folder

Language Step 1
Your Config Folder should be stored in Riot Games > League of Legends

Step 4: Open your LeagueClientSettings.yaml File in a Text Editor

Once you are into the config thư mục, a Yaml Source File with the name “LeagueClientSettings” should appear. Right-click on the tệp tin, and press “Open with.” Then, choose your preferred text editor.

Language Step 2

Step 5: Replace the Text in the Locale Line With the Corresponding Language Value belonging to Your Preferred Language.

The table below shows a list of all the locales available for the different languages. You want to tát locate the line starting with “locale:” and replace it with the locale fitting to tát your language. In the table below, you can find all the different locals available. 

Language Step 3
Local line in LeagueClientSettings.yaml

Step 6: Save the Changes in Your Text Editor

Once you have changed the locale to tát fit your preferred language, make sure to tát save it before closing the text editor. 

Step 7: Go Back to tát Your League Of Legends Executable App and Create a Desktop Shortcut

Once you have located your League of Legends executable ứng dụng, right-click on the icon and select “Send to”> “Desktop (create shortcut).”

Language Step 4

Step 8: Right Click on the Newly Created Shortcut and Select “Properties”

Language Step 5
Right-Click and select “Properties.”

Step 9: Change “Target” Language Code

Once you are in the LoL Surtcut’s Properties, go to tát the text box named “Target:” and change your Language code (“locale=xxxx”) to tát fit your corresponding language locale. If there is no language code available, you can add it by typing “-locale=xxxx” without quotation marks. “xxxx” acts as a placeholder here, and you should replace it with your wanted language’s locale code (check the table below). In our example, we have mix the language to tát Chinese by typing “-locale=zh_CN.” 

Language Step 6
LoL Shortcut Properties

Step 10: Apply changes

Once step 9 is done, you want to tát make sure to tát click “Apply Changes” for your changes to tát be added to tát the game. 

Step 11: Open LoL through your newly added Shortcut

With the new changes applied, you should be able to tát enjoy League of Legends in your new preferred language. Make sure to tát open LoL from the newly added shortcut and not from the original LoL application.

League of Legends Locales 

English Australian


English Great Britanen_GB
English USAen_US
French fr_FR
German de_DE
Greek el_GR
Portuguese pt_BR


Spanish Latin Americaes_MX
Spanish Spaines_ES


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Riot Announces Easier Way to tát Change Language

During the somewhat failed start to tát Season 13, Riot did make one nice announcement, which was related to tát the upcoming way to tát change language in League of Legends. They will be working on the client to tát enable players to tát have any language they want available. 

When this feature will be ready was not announced, but we could expect it later in 2023. Then you won't need to tát follow all those complicated steps above anymore. 

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