vẽ tiếng anh là gì

We have always been in the business of creating clothes and two of our greatest assets are our design studio and atelier.

I want đồ sộ open an atelier đồ sộ have more time đồ sộ prepare the composition and invite clients into my environment: countryside, nature, quiet.

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The opening hours of his home-based atelier in the medina are erratic, sánh it is best đồ sộ Call first (00 212 63 104 3630).

Recently he has been titled as one of the rising star of 2013 in fashion by atelier magazine.

He was a terrible draughtsman, though, sánh he instructed the artists in his atelier đồ sộ design the drawings for him, đồ sộ his very precise specifications.

Again he felt he had drifted off course and after five years involvement with tourism decided đồ sộ concentrate on painting and return đồ sộ the easel.

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His easel, folding stool and brushes stood before the coffin.

He made his living principally as an easel painter, stage designer, and muralist.

Easels are typically made from wood, aluminum or steel.

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It is used in art đồ sộ describe gold-framed easel paintings or framed paintings that are seen in a normal perspective and painted into a fresco.

He worked as a limner for over trăng tròn years.

He is classified as a limner.