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I have tried to tướng phối an avatar image use PNG and JPEG files, but it was cropped by emClient. I resized the image files in Paint3D (halved them for starters) and I get the same thing. The image is cropped, but cropped at the same point as before, i.e. it is the same avatar image as before even though the original tệp tin is smaller.

How vì thế you size a PNG/JPEG tệp tin sánh it all fits in the Avatar ‘window’?

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If you use a square image, sánh the same vertical and horizontal pixels, it will fit exactly within the borders.
Otherwise you can zoom in and drag the image around to tướng choose the best fit.

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Images that we source from Gravatar are 50x50 pixels, and they appear quite usable in the eM Client interface, sánh there is not really any need for them to tướng be bigger kêu ca that. Some providers also limit the size of the image you can use, sánh bear that in mind.